Jaime Greene for Michigan State Representative 2022
Jaime Greene for Michigan State Representative 2022

Your proven freedom fighter in Lansing! Too many politicians give us pretty words, then fade under pressure in office. Jaime Greene’s life shows us she will stand up for our rights.

Send a Proven Freedom Fighter to Lansing!

District 65

From being physically attacked at the age of 14 by a leftist mob for holding up a pro-life sign at a Bill Clinton rally yet persisting in standing up for her beliefs – to turning down a full tuition scholarship at Central Michigan University to enlist in the U.S. Navy – Jaime has shown her commitment to freedom is more than just words.

Navy Veteran

10 years experience on Richmond City Council



Freedom fighter serving many years as an activist in various organizations

Michigan Freedom Agenda

On the Richmond City Council, Jaime worked with Council to pass fiscally responsible budgets that limited spending, debt, and government overreach, with clean audits. She has helped parents take control of their children’s education. She stands against Lansing’s mandates of all kinds, from controlling your health decisions, to shutting down businesses and schools. We know she will stand firm in Lansing and fight for our freedoms as American citizens.