Michigan Freedom Agenda

The Declaration of Independence declares our right as Americans to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  The State of Michigan has imposed too many limitations on those rights—especially under the excuse of taking over every aspect of our lives in the name of “public health.”

As a constitutional conservative, I will fight to take back those freedoms!

Fighting for OUR Personal Freedom

Fighting Unchecked Public Health Mandates

We must change the Public Health Code to prevent an unelected bureaucrat, acting under the direction of an overreaching Governor, from having complete control over our lives and restore the checks and balances of legislative oversight.

Medical Freedom

As a volunteer for Michigan for Vaccine Choice, I have fought to protect religious/medical exemptions—and keep Lansing out of these decisions.

I believe that the government should never get in the way of the physician-patient relationship.

Above all, we must protect parents’ rights to direct their minor children’s healthcare.

Educational Freedom

I believe parents have the right to choose the manner and content of their child’s education—whether it’s the right to demand accountability from school boards, the right to choose their child’s school, or the right to homeschool.

I will stand up for parents having a vital role in education, no matter what form they choose.

Religious Freedom

The first thing our Bill of Rights laid out was our freedom to worship when, where, and however we choose.  Lansing cannot ever again regulate church services.

Economic Freedom

Government must never again have the unchecked power to close businesses based on one person’s opinion of what is “essential.”

Jaime Greene believes that the confusing, contradictory, and onerous regulations the State of Michigan puts on businesses—particularly licensing fees that hurt small business and have nothing to do with public safety—are damaging to our economy.

Government should not give people the incentive to stay home, rather than work.  It’s time for Michigan to get back to work!

Free & Fair Elections

We must ensure the security of, and confidence in, our elections!

This begins by requiring Voter ID, something only the far left (including our current Secretary of State) does not support. 

We must codify our best practices – clean up the Voter Registration file, harden the security of our voting systems and ballots, and establish procedures for in-depth auditing of both. 

Lansing and DC meddling needs to be kept out of our local polling places and away from our ballots.

Freedom to Act as a Local Community

As a member of the Richmond City Council for 10 years, I have seen firsthand how unfunded mandates and overregulation tie the hands of local government serving its residents. I believe in local control because those closest to the issue govern best.

Freedom from Crime

The Defund the Police movement is harmful to American society because it risks the safety of our citizens. I support proper funding for local police and fire, and my record on the Richmond City Council proves that.

Freedom to Defend Yourself and Home

I am unapologetically Pro Second Amendment. “Shall not be infringed” means what it says.

I will oppose any legislation that would take guns away from honest, law-abiding gun owners.  The current push to limit magazines that are below the standard issue for most non-revolvers is preposterous!

Our rural district does not need liberals telling us how to handle firearms. We grew up with firearms as tools, and we know how to handle them.

Freedom to Live

My first taste of politics was as a 14-year-old girl, excited about my newfound faith in Jesus. Bill Clinton was coming to Stevenson High School that year, in 1992.  I decided I would make a sign to stand up for what I believe.

I stood outside and waited for him, carrying my pro-life sign.  Left wing activists waiting to cheer for Bill Clinton became angry and got physical with me, knocking me to the ground and tearing my clothes.  I had to be rescued by a mounted police officer. 

That didn’t stop me from going inside and holding up my sign.  Bill Clinton pointed me out from the podium, but I continued to stand up for my beliefs. 

When it comes to standing up for your rights, the rights of the unborn, or the safety of our communities, I promise that is the kind of tenacity and devotion to principle that you will be able to expect from me.

Supporting My Fellow Veterans

As a veteran, I will always be a voice for, and support, veterans’ issues!

Roads and Infrastructure

Maintaining our roads and infrastructure is a basic role of government. While serving on the Richmond City Council, we have continued a long-term plan that has maintained our roads without increasing taxes. We have been diligent about addressing our infrastructure to prevent it from failing. This is the same skillset that I will take to Lansing as your State Representative.